"Kofi" (was Marvin)
"Remy Martin Mira Sky" (Remy)
"Riley"  10.5 lbs
Simply Stunning at 7 weeks old~
We had our vet appointment a few days ago and we ALL passed with flying colors! We are all very healthy! Our Doctor is so impressed with all of us!  And we were so well behaved. We liked laying on the cool floor waiting our turn. And of course the office staff came in to visit us and we just loved that! 
8 weeks old and we are going to our new forever families!

Back in the car with clean bills of health~
Waiting patiently for the doc~
7 weeks- 9.5 lbs
7 weeks- 11.3 lbs
7 weeks- 11.4 lbs
7 weeks- 8.6 lbs
7 weeks- 9.7 lbs
7 weeks- 11.3 lbs
7 weeks- 10.5 lbs
7 weeks- 11.4 lbs
7 weeks- 8.4 lbs
8 weeks! Gotcha day!
8 weeks! Gotcha day!
8 weeks! Gotcha day!
8 weeks! Gotcha day!
8 weeks! Gotcha day!
8 weeks! Gotcha day!
Angel's 2016 Goldendoodles have their forever families!
Watch them as they grow~

Hey Paula!I can't get over how great this dog is. Seriously. He is more than I even hoped for. Such a total lover and already thinks I'm his new Mama! I can tell you started potty training as its nothing like the nightmare I was warned about from other puppy owners! Thank you so much for this incredible guy.I am curious how much his dad Emmet weighs? And about how tall?I see Angel is around 55#.
Thanks so much!Leah
8 weeks! Gotcha day!
7 weeks- 10.7 lbs
8 weeks! Gotcha day!
8 weeks! Gotcha day!
9 weeks! Gotcha day!
Happy 8th golden birthday!!
Actually his name sounds more like Loaf-fee, but with a k. It's a real name from Ghana.
The night went surprisingly well. We did get up with him and go outside briefly just twice, and he eliminated one time.
We are all totally in love with him and can hardly believe how nice he is.
Fun photos on the website!
We love Daisy! She is doing well. She is 20 pounds now and having a lot of
fun with the kiddos.
Also, I realized I never asked what her exact birthday is? (May 20)
I hope all is well and hello from our family and Daisy!
4 months!
Paula, Riley is fabulous. He is very mellow for a pup and has been since day one. He is crate trained and very respectful in the house. He knows many commands and loves to play fetch. At his four month appointment, he was 32.5 lbs, and has grown since then. He is never as cute in pictures as he is in real life. We love him and get so many comments on what a beautiful dog he is. The first photo was taken this evening.
5 months!
Hello, Paula! Just wanted to send you a quick update on Murphy since he turned 2 yesterday!!!  He sure is good a “posing”! He was in for his annual vet appointment the beginning of May and weighed in at 73 pounds. He is a very active boy who loves to chew on his toys, play catch, go for walks and run free when we take him to an open field. He has definitely mellowed out some as he is getting more mature.  Hope all is well with your dogs and I can’t wait to see pictures of the new puppies coming soon. Take care, Suzanne, Tony and Kaitlin
Remy had a cake, steak, and presents, but he is a gift to us. Thank you.