"Daisy" is adopted

"Buck"(was Bugs) is adopted-

Sylvester is adopted
"Murphy" (was Elmer)is adopted
"Lodi" (was Porky) is adopted!
"Beau" (was Daffy) is adopted
"Marvin" (is keeping the name, Marvin!) is adopted!
We have all been lovingly chosen by our new families!
"Gus" (was Pepe')`is adopted
"Remy Martin Mira Sky" (Remy) (was Taz) is adopted 
"Riley" (was Speedy) is adopted
We are 4 weeks old!
We are now eating food 3 times a day and nursing 
from mom mainly standing up!
We love to play indoors and outside. 
And we love humans! We love to give puppy kisses.
Of course Auntie Milly still wants to help out every chance she gets so she has to wear her tshirt so we don't stealing food from her! 
Dad and grandpa love hanging out with us too! We get LOTS of attention from our dog and human family ~
aka-"Mr. Blue Eyes"