Remy Martin Mira Sky
Remy is doing so well! He has slept well every crying the first night. He went to a WI lake to meet Geoff and Monika...we just stayed a couple of hours. He eats very well, loves to play with toys, loves people. He brought Mira back to Stillwater problems. I was able to get his hair hot...he was there 4 hours and made a ton of puppy and groomer friends...great place.He looks so cute...long legs like we'd hoped!The neighbors love him. He does very well at peeing when I take him out...comes right back in with me.We had Dr. Appts. today and he was fine without us...Jordy used to be sad...Sure we'd be mopping up pee, but he used his little grass pad!!! So smart!
Thanks again...we could not have a better puppy!
Also he's had trips to Canal Park and the North Shore...pictured...
Remy is doing just great - we say many times a day how lucky we are , how
cute he is, how good he is, how smart he is, and how much we love him!
. He goes on lots of walks, first thing in the morning with Dan,
then later with me. He loves to sniff everything. He is good on a 6' lead
with a Martindale collar. I'm also trying a retractable Flexi lead. I was a
bit apprehensive, knowing I have to know what I'm doing. I read up and
watched YouTube video. It lets him run a bit more and seems to work well. 
. He was back to doggy day care last Saturday when we took Giselle
canoeing. He had fun with the people and other pups - good socialization. He
seemed very happy to stay home with us Sunday though.I imagine the
stimulation at Smooch A Pooch is somewhat stressful. 
. He is growing, growing, growing! Literally every morning he is
bigger than the previous night.
. He LOVES getting brushed every night. He stretches out on his back
so I can get his tummy and legs. Of course he likes hearing what a pretty
baby he is tooJ.He is always begging for tummy rubs.such a happy boy.
. Remy likes hanging with us in our little courtyard for coffee in
the morning, drinks with neighbors or friends or dinner with us. We have a
gate on our front porch so he can hang out there in the evenings too.
. Remy know where the treat cupboard is. He really likes Jordy's
huge Kong. I got him a tiny one, but he didn't seem able to get the treats
out of it, so I tried the huge one on a whim and he loves it.
. He is very attached to Dan and me. He is happiest when he can
account for both of us. He watches out the back door when one of us leaves,
which happens for meetings, exercising, shopping runs, etc. It has been too
warm to let him run short errands and leave him in the car for short times.
I know Jordy loved to go "shopping".we'll try it out when it cools off.
. Another trip to the beach coming up this afternoon! He knows where
he is now when we get there. He went in the water last time!
Well, our new puppy is a wonderful addition to our world! Thank you guys
again for your good work.
5 months!
7 months!
We so love this dog! He continues to amaze us!
He is pretty perfect all around!
10 mo & 70 lbs