Hello! We made it home at about 2:30. He did GREAT in the car, but did get sick twice. I think it was from the motion and probably some nerves. He has warmed up to us already had water and food and went outside to go potty multiple times. We already has him chasing a ball and bringing it back, so smart! Here is a pic of him in his new bed. Thanks so much for raising such a sweet boy. 

4 months!
Hello! Just wanted to write and update you on Murphy. WE LOVE HIM!!! He is
growing leaps and bounds both physically and mentally. He is 100% potty
trained and uses a bell to let us know when he wants out. He is also kennel
trained for when we are not home and shows no behaviors when in his kennel.
His puppy biting has decreased about 90% and we can tell he is getting more
mature. He enjoys his walks and playing with his stuffed toy ducks. He has
been to the vet a couple times and is up to date on all of his shots. We
had him neutered and micro-chipped on Monday and he is recovering very well,
he is back to his active self! He went out duck hunting for the first time
a couple weeks ago to get him use to being in the surrounding and hearing
the gun and he did great and REALLY enjoyed playing in the mud as you can
see from the pictures! We had him shaved down right before hunting to make
it easier to clean him, but I can't wait for his hair to grow long and
fluffy again! Again, thank you for such a wonderful dog. I know the work
you put into starting the potty training sure helped us.
Sorry for so many pics, it's just so hard to choose which to send of the
MANY I have! Suzanne J
7 months
8 months
Our first year with him has been amazing, he is such a sweet boy. He has tons of energy and besides his latest sickness is a super healthy boy. He weighs 65 pounds and the Dr said he would be fine to gain another 5 pounds, I think he has a very high metabolism (I am super jealous). He loves toys with stuffing and squeakers although they don’t last long with him. His favorite thing has to be his deer antlers, he loves to sit and chew on them. He has outgrown his car sickness which we are very thankful for. He completed level 1 of puppy classes and even graduated! We will be moving on to level 2 towards the end of summer. Looking forward to taking him duck hunting again to see how he does, he definitely wants to get the birds and freezes and looks around whenever he hears a duck. 

Again we thank you for our sweet “Murphy Lewis” “Murph Murph” “Smurph” “Baby Boy”, he has several nicknames and brings so much excitement and love into our family. Attached are some pictures.