All of our puppies will be healthy, smart, so so friendly and have a great start at outdoor potty training!

Generations explained:
Luna's pups are 62.5% Standard Poodle and
37.5 percent Bernese Mt Dog = F2B Bernedoodle

Ivy's pups are 75% Standard Poodle and
25% Golden Retriever= F1B Goldendoodle

Sammy (was Bud)

Kaiser "Kai" Rainbow Mango (was Sprout)

Eclipse (was Sunny)

Flora (was Tulip)

​6 week old beauties!
 No more mushy food! We get our kibble mixed with hot water now just to give it more flavor. We have puppy pads in the nursery but we do most of our business outside. We go outside several times a day and are starting to explore more and more.We continue to listen to our "sounds" cd once a day, to get us used to all kinds of different and maybe startling sounds. We have our own tv on during the day and soft music at night.We have a plastic crate and a wire crate in our nursery with their doors open and we mostly sleep inside of them.
We love to be held and played with by our humans.We get our nails clipped once a week and we will be getting our butts shaved and trimming around our eyes as needed.