"Gus" was Prince
"Duke" was Donny Osmond
"Rocky" was Elton
"Franklin"was Elvis
"Trapper" was Willy Nelson
 ~The boys~
 ~The girls~
"Indy" was Dolly 
"Joan Jett"
"Luna" was Tina Turner
 "Sadie" was Marie Osmond
 "Sophie" was Patsy Cline
"Shia Black Fire " was Shania
We are 5 week old cuties!
We are growing by leaps and bounds! We are eating 4 meals a day now plus our mamas milk! So we sleep all night. We just LOVE people. And we love to play with each other. We love to go outside now and explore and play and go potty. We are so smart! We also have a crate in our nursery with the door off so we are familiar with it. And we get our nails cut every week to get used to it~

Chelsea took Luna for a well deserved hike!