The boys~
"Ursa Major"
"North Star"
The girls~

​Three weeks old~
Every single one of us is too cute for words!!
Eyes are wide open and we are
starting to get teeth.  
We have moved out of the swimming pool
 and have a bigger nursery! 
We have papers on the floor for potty training.
And we are starting to potty outside too!
We are starting to interact and play with each other. 
And we are just starting to taste mushy food. We will LOVE it within the week!
Adopted- He is now Jack!
I get to go to my forever home with my sister, Cassidy (Ursa)
Adopted- He is now Oisin
  (Pronounced Oh-Sheen)
Adopted- I am now Cassidy and I will be going to my forever home with my brother Jack (Pluto)!

Adopted-I am now Regan
Adopted- Now named Chum, will be an official therapy dog along with her 3 year old ranger doodle sister~