All of our puppies will be healthy, smart, so so friendly and have a great start at outdoor potty training!

Generations explained:
Luna's pups are 62.5% Standard Poodle and
37.5 percent Bernese Mt Dog = F2B Bernedoodle

Ivy's pups are 75% Standard Poodle and
25% Golden Retriever= F1B Goldendoodle

Sammy (was Bud)
Birth weight 1lb
3 weeks 4lb 13oz

Kaiser "Kai" Rainbow Mango
Birth weight 11oz
3 weeks 3lbs 13oz
Eclipse (was Sunny)
Birth weight 1lb 1oz
3 weeks 4lb 14oz
Birth weight 14oz
3 weeks 4lbs 9oz

​3 weeks old!
And boy are we growing fast!
We all have our eyes wide open and we can hear now too!
We have paper in our pool and we use it already to potty.
We will be venturing into a bigger space soon~
We will begin mushy food in the next few days but mama will still be our main meal. We are held and loved several times a
day and we will be so happy and social ~