All of our puppies will be healthy, smart, so so friendly and have a great start at outdoor potty training!

Generations explained:
Luna's pups are 62.5% Standard Poodle and
37.5 percent Bernese Mt Dog = F2B Bernedoodle

Ivy's pups are 75% Standard Poodle and
25% Golden Retriever= F1B Goldendoodle

Sammy (was Bud)

Eclipse (was Sunny)


We are 2 weeks old now! And starting to toddle around!
We are starting to open our eyes and we should all have them open in the next day or two.  We get our toenails cut every week. We are handled several times a day and loved and kissed for early socialization. We also will have papers down in the next few days for super early potty training ~