"Gus" was Prince
"Duke" was Donny Osmond
"Rocky" was Elton
"Franklin"was Elvis
"Trapper" was Willy Nelson
 ~The boys~
 ~The girls~
"Indy" was Dolly 
"Josie" was Joan Jett
"Luna" was Tina Turner
 "Sadie" was Marie Osmond
 "Sophie" was Patsy Cline
"Shia Black Fire " was Shania
"Phoebe" was Cher
We are 6 weeks old! 
Could we be any cuter? We love people and we are super social! We love to play outside and explore. We love to wrestle with each other and play with Ivy.
We love to be picked up and loved , which is a lot!!
We know how to go in and out of the doggy door.
We eat our food soft and hard now. Mom is really trying to wean us. 
We still use papers in our nursery a little but we mainly do our business outside. We are really smart.