"Prince"  3 lbs 11 oz
"Donny Osmond" 4 lbs 5 oz
"Elton" 4 lbs 1 oz
"Elvis" 3 lbs 9 oz
"Willy Nelson" 3 lbs 15 oz
 ~The boys~
 ~The girls~
"Dolly” 3 lbs 13 oz
"Joan Jett" 3 lbs 15 oz
"Tina Turner" 3 lbs 5 oz
 "Marie Osmond" 3 lbs 11 oz
 "Sophie" was Patsy Cline -3 lbs 15 oz
"Shaina " 3 lbs 15 oz
"Cher"3 lbs 9 oz
​2nd pic is 3 1/2 weeks!
We are starting potty training! We use the newpapers....ALOT! And we even have gone potty outside a few times. In the next few days we will love to go outside each day. We will start mushy food this weekend! We are ready! We love to eat!
We are starting to interact with our siblings, its just so cute!

Our puppies had a big day, meeting the big dogs and moving to their new digs in the puppy nursery!