We are 5 weeks old~
We are pros at eating our mushy food now and we just gobble it up! 
We are having so much fun and we love to play and interact with each other. We also just love people!
We hope the below zero temps change so we can start going potty outside!!! Right now we are still going on papers.
We eat so well that we sleep through the night now too!

"Jackson Frosty (Jax)" was Frosty
The boys
"Sully" was Dasher
Charlie Brown~
Snowflake~  We do plan to put him up for adoption but we will keep him longer to make sure he is at a good healthy weight before he goes to his forever home. He is doing great!! He eats at every single meal! He loves food! And he plays and does everything the big pups do~ So cute.
The girls
"Willow Sparrow" was Sparrow
"Pippin" was Ember~

A little update on "Snowflake"~(at 3 weeks)
We brought him in for a 3 week wellness check on Friday. And though he is super tiny, his heart and lungs sounded great! So we will continue to be diligent with him. We make sure he nurses at every single feeding around the clock. And he likes the mushy food too so that should help him gain more weight. We weigh him every single day and he gains weight every day. We will continue to do everything to make this little guy thrive.
He has such a cute little playful personality too! He is a brave little guy. Is starting to explore. So cute.