All of our puppies will be healthy, smart, so so friendly and have a great start at outdoor potty training!

Generations explained:
Luna's pups are 62.5% Standard Poodle and
37.5 percent Bernese Mt Dog = F2B Bernedoodle

Ivy's pups are 75% Standard Poodle and
25% Golden Retriever= F1B Goldendoodle

Sammy (was Bud)

Kaiser "Kai" Rainbow Mango (was Sprout)

Eclipse (was Sunny)

Flora (was Tulip)

Here is our amazing
"Think Spring" Litter!
Luna had 4 beautiful bernedoodle
 babies on February 9th.
She had 3 boys and 1 girl~
~We are all spoken for~
If you would like to be on our non committing list for future litters let me know~
Gorgeous fluff balls ~7 weeks old
We love people and we are super social! We love to play outside and climb the snow hills and play king of the mountain! We love to explore inside and out! We are pros at climbing up and down stairs~
We love to wrestle with each other , too!
We love to be picked up and loved , which is a lot!!  
We absolutely love to eat! Our food isn't mushy anymore.
We get our puppy chow with warm water mixed in to 
enjoy the flavor. And we also love dry food.
We still use pads in our nursery a little but we mainly do our business outside. We are really smart.
We had our vet appts on Monday and we are so healthy!
We weigh from over to to over 13 lbs!