Ranger Doodles
MILLY is retired~

Angel is our sweet. small standard F1B. She is 60 lbs of soft curls! This blondie has some amazing red highlights!
She has had  beautiful pups with sweet, gentle personalities!

Beautiful F1B Goldendoodles!
Home raised and loved on the Iron Range in
in Northeastern MN!

Our dogs were lovingly hand-picked for their delightful personalities and great health history. They come from genetically tested parents and many 
generations of genetically healthy breeding. 

Each of our puppies come with a
genetic guarantee.
Meet our BEAUTIFUL boy, Emmett Kelly!!
He is not only loving and calm but he's confident and playful too! 
He is a RARE find! He's an AKC registered "Brown Sable Parti Standard Poodle".
(Parti meaning that he is white with markings) 
His AKC name is Emmett Kelly's Parti Clown :)
He is our amazing daddy to our puppies!

3 months
Emmett, Angel and Milly~
After many gorgeous, unique and simply amazing puppies from Milly, she is now happily retired!
She will continue to be a wonderful "Nanny" to future puppies~
Meet our newest addition,
Luna Bernadette!
She is my daughter, Chelsea's new best friend
and very sweet, happy and confident!
She is considered a "reverse F1b bernedoodle". She is 3/4 Bernese Mt Dog and 1/4 Standard Poodle. She is "unfurnished" so will grow up looking like a small Bernese rather than having the shaggy look of a doodle.
In the future she will be the mama of Bernedoodles that will have "furnishings" so all of her puppies will have the shaggy "doodle look" :)