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Baxter is now "Hendrix"~
Brooks is now "Payson"~
Appalachian Trail is now Rex~
Everest is now Stormy~
Teton is now Oskar~ 
Cascade, now Atlas & Rocky, now Leif,
will be living forever together~
Sierra is now "Angel"~She will be an amazing therapy dog! 
Rainier, "Rainy" is now Bernie~
Kilimanjaro is now "Banks"
Denali's"Famous Mountains"
 "Nali" (Denali)is named after a famous mountain so it was quite fitting to name all of her puppies after mountains~

Our beautiful 2018 Bernedoodles are all adopted!

Banks and Riggs (from Angel's litter) will be together forever, along with their brother Maxwell, (also a past ranger doodle!)
7 to 8 weeks~
8 weeks~
7 to 8 weeks~
8 weeks~
7 to 8 weeks~
7 to 8 weeks~
 3 months~
7 to 8 weeks~
7 to 8 weeks~
 8 weeks~
 3.5 months~
“She’s healthy, happy, smart and very affectionate. 
Lovin’ being her human friend! 

She's so gentle! 
So smart!
 So beautiful!
 So loved!
1 year old!
"Payson is amazing. Couldn't love him anymore. He's around 65 pounds and growing. Very tall! He is a total cuddler! So much love. So lucky to have found him and your family.
He's an attention getting anywhere we go!"