Joey Bacon
  Bauer (was Muddy Water)
Tennessee (was S'mores)
Adopted by Alma
Adopted by Kris & Ryan
Adopted by Shannon
Adopted by Kathy
Adopted by Kyan & Lily
  Oliver Angelo
Adopted by Hailey & Alexa
Mocha (was Alice)
Our puppies are adopted~
Let me know if you would like to be on our list for spring 2018 pups~

Adopted by Mateo & Ari
Adopted by Alyson
Adopted by Dawn
Belle's first grooming
Watch Milly's puppies as they grow~

'Mocha is doing great! The kids love her and the vet loves her. She's teething right now but otherwise she is fantastic!"
Good afternoon Paula, 
It's been a while since I've updated you. Archie is doing well and growing like a weed, 40.4 lbs as of last Monday. The vet doesn't have any concerns about him and he does so well when he gets his shots. He just got his first hair cut this weekend and now looks a bit like a cartoon character, but he is adorable and we love him to pieces. Hope all is well!
4 mo~
5 months
"Hi Paula, just wanted to send you a snapshot to show you how big Archie is getting. He is quit the character but a very good boy. Hope all is well." , Archie's mom!
5 mo~
Hi Paula, "Joey Bacon at 6 mos! Totally handsome and a heart throb! Spoiled rotten and I love him immeasurably!"
“You can see my brindles now! Everybody was ooo-ing and ah-ing at my handsomeness! “ love, Joey 🥓
Walter's first haircut! 8 months old! 
“Our beautiful Oliver Angelo turned 1 years old today! He is enjoying his new birthday cake toy that sings Happy Birthday to him. Our handsome boy is now 76 lbs! 🎉”
"A boy and his dog~"
Tennessee is fabulous!! She's seriously one of my favorite living things ever!
Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet, funny, precious Girl Named Tennessee!! 🎶