The boys~
"Oisin" pronounced Oh-Sheen)
The girls~
Adopted- was Pluto
I get to go to my forever home with my sister, Cassidy (Ursa)
Adopted- was Aurora

Adopted-was Ursa Major and I will be going to my forever home with my brother Jack (Pluto)!

Adopted-was Interstellar
Adopted- was North Star~ I will be an official therapy dog along with my 3 year old ranger doodle sister~ 

​We are 4 weeks old already!!

We absolutely LOVE to eat our mushy puppy food! And we have graduated to 3 times a day! Plus we still nurse from mama for a few more weeks.
We are getting used to the great outdoors and will LOVE playing outside within the next week.
We continue to potty train on paper inside
 AND in the grass.
We are interacting so cute. And we love our humans~
Here are our 4 week old pics with MESSY FACES!
We absolutely love our food but we are still pretty messy :)