12 weeks!
Jordie will now come to his name, is pretty good at walking on a leash, and goes into his crate quite willingly when it's time for bed. He tears from one end of our large yard to the other, usually carrying a stuffed animal with him and he's gotten the hang of climbing up onto a rocking lounge chair that we have--his timing is great! He and Rudy have a better relationship and do play with each other most of the time. Sometimes, the rough-housing gets a little intense and we have to separate them so the little guy doesn't get hurt. But then, next thing you know, Jordie comes tearing out and jumps on Rudy's head and barks in his ear, and they are off, again. Rudy is quite careful with him--lots of low growls and mouthing. Jordie bites his ears, his tail his legs, and he's pretty stoic about it.

Jordie is 21 pounds. He's very sweet and lovable, loves to have his belly rubbed--and we're becoming very attached