All of our puppies will be healthy, smart, so so friendly and have a great start at outdoor potty training!

Generations explained:
Luna's pups are 62.5% Standard Poodle and
37.5 percent Bernese Mt Dog = F2B Bernedoodle

Ivy's pups are 75% Standard Poodle and
25% Golden Retriever= F1B Goldendoodle

Ivy and Emmett's
"Nature Litter"
Text or call 218-750-2880
or email me at

Our little pumpkins  7 weeks old. 
And 8 week old gotcha day!
We had fantastic vet appts. Our doctor checked us from head to tail and we are all super healthy!
We LOVE to eat puppy chow 4 times a day!
Mom still will nurse us a few times a day.
We love, love, love to play outside. 
Each day we get to explore in the giant yard, beyond our big fenced yard. We love to run and wrestle and play with toys
We get our nails clipped once a week and we get brushed too, so we become familiar with it.
We love people and when we are picked up and loved (which happens a lot!) we wag our tails like crazy!
The girls~
The boys~
Marley (was Fern) She will be a sibling to Murphy who is also a Ranger Doodle~ 
Scarlett (was Foxy) She will be living with her biological brother, Hudson from last year's litter
Evelyn Sophia, "Evie" (was Sage)
Pippa (was River)
Augie (was Brooks) Ken had one of our past doodles named "Ranger"
Griffin (was Timber) Griff is going home to Raven and Willow, both Ranger Doodles !
Obie (was Twig)
Drift (was Woods)
We have a Doodle "Parti"!
We are all spoken for!
Let us know if you would like to be on the non committing list for our 2023 spring litter of stunning Bernedoodles~
See more pics on our Ranger Doodles facebook page!
6 months old~
"Murphy and Marley are doing wonderfully!
We love them so much!"
6 months old~
6 months old~
6 months old~
6 months old~
6 months old~
6 months old~
6 months old~
Hey Paula! Obie is amazing!! He is such a loving dog and has fit in so well with our family. He loves his brother and sister so much and they love him right back! We are so happy we have him!