Almost 3 months old~
Griffin is our funny little professor; he's adorably curious and quick to learn. So far he is potty trained, kennel trained, and knows come/sit/stay. We're currently working on "down" and "shake."
Luckily he's a modest fellow, because we receive compliments on his looks and temperament everywhere we go. His socialization skills are incredible - no matter who he meets (humans, dogs, cats, horses), he is friendly and gentle.
Thank you so much for getting Griffin started on such a great path . . . we love him dearly and can't imagine our lives without him.
Hi Paula!
At nearly five months old, Griffin has continued his journey to fabulousness. He has all of his basic obedience training down pat, so we're now moving into more complicated commands. Griffin loves to learn, so the journey promises to be fun. He is also beginning to show signs of having a strong future as a therapy dog. 
Griffin and I went on a nature hike yesterday and a photographer friend of mine captured Griffin having the time of his life on the trail. 
Thank you, again, for getting our boy off to such a wonderful start! 
6 months!