"I have to say of all the doodles I have encountered I do love Teddy's personality and temperament the best.  Some of them are either too hyper or don't have much upstairs as far as brains or personality.  Ranger Doodles are the best!"
"Miracle Dog! If this is the first puppy for some of the owners, they seriously have no idea how a puppy "can" be. Boden Benson Dokken is unbelievably perfect. He is calm, gentle, playful, inquisitive, SMART. OH HOW WE ALL LOVE HIM SO! OH!         He potties outside, too! Not a bark yet.......tiniest of whimper. No, you can't have him back....EVER!"
He's so calm.  No one can believe Boden! They just shake their heads and smile at me.  I love him so. And he loves me.
   "I was met with two cold noses and sharp teeth in my bed Sunday morning.   So much for not spoiling them…  Tilly, the black lab, is not as convinced that they are all that cute.  She scolds them when they get near her treats, food, or bed.  However, she respects their space, has a new spring in her step, and a tiny smile on her face when they are not looking.  When they look, she scowls.
Our 18-year old gray cat thinks he is a dog, so they are good.  We make quite a site walking up our driveway to do chores – Rick, me, Tilly the lab, Alvin, Wilsen and Hank the barn cat.   Both pups have not noticed the alpacas and have not yet encountered the 14 year old yellow cat.  When they do, that will be interesting.  They are bright, alert, fairly quiet, easy to tire, eating well, and not aggressive about exploring new things like strange doorways, stairways, and anything motorized.  We will need bright colored collars as they blend in well with the limestone and winter colors. 
               Oh yes, they have discovered that alpaca manure is quite tasty.  We’ve had one accident in the house (my fault), but otherwise they are good about going outside.  Our landscaping is in great peril.  That is a playground for the boys.  Thank you for taking the time to socialize and exposing them to the concept of house training.  We are thoroughly thrilled with them!  I don’t want them to grow up!  Give me a call if you need more information on alpacas or would like to come back to visit the pups or look at alpacas.  Take care.  Connie

We are simply amazed at how well adjusted Rosy is!!! She has even picked up "sit" and does it when fern does it for a treat! No accidents on purpose...she goes to the door and waits! And NO crying in the crate! We play music and she happily goes in, boy is she an eater tho, haha! Fern is totally enamored with Rosy, its Great!
Hi Paula, I just put Tucker to bed in his kennel and thought....we are so blessed to have the best puppy ever!! He is doing soooo great with training, eating, and loving everyone he meets. Thankyou so much! Oakie/Tucker has given us so much more love!!!!......Happy New Year to your family in 2012.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Paula,
Attached are some more photos of Charley from Christmas. He was pretty spoiled with a lot of gifts from the 'grandparents' and a lot of cuddle time from everyone that met him. We will get some more photos over the next few weeks as he is getting even bigger that what you see here. He started puppy preschool last Wednesday and did very well. He played and socialized with other puppies and was very gentle with one that was very timid. He also was a star performer on the puppy obstacle course. But we are working on his patience while the other puppies take their turns on the course - he wanted to take everyone's turn:)
He is learning and adapting, but even with the puppy challenges, he is soooo sweet and has been a lot of fun!!
We will keep you posted with more photos!!
Michelle and Brian
"It's going great.. The final vote was Tucker.  He is getting used to  his kennel. He is so adorable when he runs.. Potty training well.....we are all in love with him! . Have a very merry Christmas ! We will stay in touch!"

Our Barkley Boo is getting big!!  He has tripled his size.  He is still so very sweet!  He and docadoo are getting along wonderfully!  Doc doesn't understand how big his 'big' brother is going to get!
Right now- they are both on each side of me.  He can make it up on the couch now and officially climb out of his playpen during the day....Gawd love puppies!
We will keep in touch.

Stella loves to be outside and dig around in the snow. We make snowball's for her and throw them and she attacks them! She is getting sooo big and she is sooo smart!!
We love our first rangerdoodle so much, Fernie is getting a baby sister named Rosy!
See more amazing doodle tales
throughout our website!
Hope you are all well! The new liter is gorgeous!!!
This is Max and Emmett just before the 4th July. They are shaved again now, just starting to grow out-cute but not too doodly looking!!! About 65lbs each! We love everybody, and want to visit. Every morning we run about 3.5 miles and get an off leash break to romp at the park. And we walk again in the evening. Love them :D soooooo much!!!!
Here they are "helping" Rick with chores today.
They are the best dogs in the world. They go fishing with us, stay in hotels, go to restaurants that allow it, and run the PR department on the farm.   We could sell all of your pups for you just by letting everyone meet Alvin & Wilsen.
I had to share this :)
"Paula! We met Chester yesterday(while taking a walk)! WOW! What a great pup! He didnt bark, jump or any naughty puppy things! He was so playful, friendly and well-behaved! He was just a very nice pup!
Good job,Paula! Its all in the breeding!!"
From Teresa, Mary and Ben

Hi Paula,

Thanks for bringing this Fur Ball into my life.
Teddy discovered candy canes on the Christmas Tree.  We only put 2 on for a test. He was going to every ball on the tree sniffing them making sure they weren't candy canes. 
He is a Joy! Can't imagine life with out him.

Thank you!
Jada & Teddy

Good morning Paula!
5 months old today! I can't believe how quickly he's growing! Here are some pictures for you. Danny is just as perfect as he was the day I got him! He's get more and more spunky and friendly as he grows. His favorite pastimes are: eating (food, dirt, and sticks), playing fetch with his favorite ball, organizing his toys (he likes to take all of his toys out of the designated basket and sprinkle them on his bed. It's quite funny), playing with other dogs, and following me around. I love him so much. He makes my life complete!
Update on Danny Kaye:

Danny is about 65lbs. He can't wait to turn one-year-old in two and a half weeks! He has a great beef big bone with his name on it. :)
Danny Kaye is a better dog than I ever imagined he could be.  He's extremely smart and can usually tell what I'm saying. What I mean by that is, he responds appropriately when I make comments like, "Why don't you go get your ball?" or "Well, we should probably get going."  He loves his kennel, but usually follows me from room to room.  He sleeps on his own doggy bed next to my bed, and wakes me with a kiss any morning I sleep too late.

He is used to going someplace everyday. He's very active and healthy! If we haven't been outside by noon, he gives me an ear full of complaining and will sometimes even nudge his harness. He spends time at doggy daycare and gets along with EVERY dog! He has great manners and is extremely passive, yet playful.

He is good with kids and the elderly, and knows who he can and cannot play rough with. He is kind to everyone. He doesn't shed, dig, chew, or bark excessively. At the same time, he is a great guard dog for a girl who lives alone. He's such a comfort and best friend to me. I love him so, so, so much. The PERFECT dog.

I can't wait to have a larger home so I can get another one of your puppies.  For now though, I'm thrilled to have such an amazing puppy.  Thank you so much!

Rosco is 80'ish pounds.  He is totally awesome, Paula.  I'm serious when I
say -- we could not be happier with him.  He is smart, gentle, athletic,
inquisitive, obedient, handsome, everything you would want in a dog.  I
brag about how Rosco is the perfect dog.  We keep his hair short,
especially in the summer; plus he's in every lake and swamp on our daily
walks, so it makes it easier to keep him clean.  Everywhere we go, he gets
compliments ("What kind of dog is that?  He feels like a Pottery Barn
blanket, or He looks like a stuffed animal;  He is so beautiful.")  We walk
him on trails almost every day, and we have trained him to walk off leash.
Our two young daughters adore him, and Rosco cannot stand being away from
them.  If the girls are outside, he has to be with them.  I was taking the
girls for a paddle-boat ride on the Fourth of July, and Rosco literally
dove off the dock and swam after us!  He followed us for 100 yards into the
lake until we finally turned around and headed back to shore (oh, yes,
that's another of his many talents. He's a great swimmer-- it's his huge
paws).  Rosco is gentle with our two cats, although I think he'd like them
to play more.  He tries hard to engage them in games, but they rarely take
the bait.  Right now, as I type this message, Rosco is outside sitting by
the lake --- off leash -- just chilling out.  He is so wonderful.

I'll send some pics of him swimming.  It's impressive!

Hope you're having a great summer.
Hi Paula!!

I hope all is well.  Congratulations on the new puppies they are BEAUTIFUL!
I know out I know I have said this several times but I will say it
again...we truly can't thank you enough for such a amazing dog.

Elsa is more then we could have ever asked for.  She loves kids (and
grown-up's) and other dogs.  She LOVES playing with her sister! !  They get
to see eachother at least once a week.  Elsa loves a new adventure just as
much as we do and we bring her everywhere we go.

She loves going for walks ands runs in the woods (which we do daily),
swimming and she is OBSESSED with fetching!!!!  She has been such a
blessing to our family.

Thanks again and take care!
Joel, Amie, and Elsa!
Hi Paula,

I wrote up a little update about Danny Kaye. When I was anxiously awaiting
getting a puppy, I was interested in the updates on your website.
Hopefully this can give other golden doodle-pursuing families an idea of
how wonderful Milly's (and Angel's) puppies can be!

*2-year update*
Danny Kaye just turned 2 years old on Sunday! He weighs 71 pounds (a
perfect combination of Milly and Pablo) and, as you see in my pictures, is
full of soft, fluffy curls! He gets a lot of compliments on his curly hair,
mohawk, height, and name.
Danny has an extremely gentle personality.  He is great with kids and
babies.  His ability to express his emotions is hilarious, and it's usually
clear when he's happy, excited, or pouty.  He has a lot of energy and gets
2 walks a day unless he spends the day at doggie day camp (which is one of
his favorite places). He LOVES playing with other dogs!  His other favorite
things are playing fetch, chewing bones, going to the dog park, hiking, and
visiting grandma and grandpa's house!
He is sweeter and more wonderful than I ever expected him to be. He is a
treasured part of my family and a wonderful companion.  When I have a
larger yard and house, I plan to get another one of your pups so he can
have a sibling!

Thanks for a wonderful puppy! I love him!

Emily Hutter