Bear loves the water and is
 already a paddle boarder!
Bear is walking two miles a night already. Coach loves him. He's sitting, knows his name, starting to high five and likes his leash. Oh he also likes to swing.

Bear and his sister, Coach!
Bear is officially bigger than his MINI doodle sister, Coach! He's 30 lbs at 3.5 mo old!
4 months old and 37 lbs!
Bear Bear is a beast. He can make a 10 hour work day without an accident. He has run of half the house. Weighs 48 lbs.
Bear got his first grooming! LOOK AT HIS COLORING!! 5 1/2 months.
Almost 6 mo. old!
Bear is 71 lbs. He and Coach are inseparable.

7 mo. old!
9 months old~
10 mo old~
"I wear my sunglasses at night"