Jozie (was Jerzi)
 Moby (was Pablo)
Walter (was Pax)
 Lily May (was Maybel)
Adopted by Carolyn
Adopted by Hannah
Adopted by Ellen
Adopted by Monica
Adopted by Jesi 
Adopted by Kit
Watch Angel's puppies as they grow~
We are all adopted~
Thank you to all of our wonderful families~
Let me know if you would like to be on our 2018 list~

Jozie has been the most wonderful addition to our family...she plays so hard & still needs her naps. Her and Dani play ALL day!!! She is 25 lbs now.

Her hair is a soft & loose curl...easy to brush...she did get the brindle cute!
4 months!
We love our dog!!
"Hi Paula!
Can you believe all the pups from last year are already one?!? It went by so fast, I still can’t even believe Moby is one! Here are some more recent pictures of him - he is one happy dog! All the time!"

Walter just celebrated his birthday! We had a little party for him.
He's been doing great! He is 77 pounds
Can’t believe he is 1 already. He is such a good boy. So obedient (most of the time) 
We have a goldendoodle down our alley that he really likes and they play so good together. Enjoy the flowers! 
Pepper will get new toys and get to enjoy a grilled steak for his birthday tonight too! We spoil him just like we did for Chester.
We are the lucky ones to have such a wonderful doodle. Love love love Pepper! ❤️🐾
"Lily May weighs 53 lbs~
She is so SOFT, she feels like crushed velvet!
We love her so much!"