Maggie (was Snow White)
Dagny (was Tinkerbell)
Stella (was Anna)
Charlie (was Alvin)
Adopted by Sandy 
Adopted by Lisa 
Adopted by Angela L.
Adopted by Steve
Adopted by Benjaman & Erin 
Adopted by Kevin's family 
Milly's F1B goldendoodles winter pups!
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8 weeks old!
7 weeks old!
8 weeks old!
7 weeks old!
Ignacio (Nacho) (was Simon)
9 weeks old!
"I love her so much. She gives me so much happiness, thank you!"
10 weeks old!
8 weeks old!
              Milly and Emmett~
Watch our puppies below, as they grow~
My first haircut at 4 months
"She is such a joy!"
Happy half birthday to our sweet, sassy, shaggy Charlie Bear! 
This giant snuggle bear is such a Mommas boy and I love it. He is our cats best frienamie, one minute Charlie is tackling him or trying to get at him while AZE is teasing him and the next they are snuggling and cleaning each other. He loves playing fetch with Ashlynn and getting treats from Zander every day at afternoon snack time. Ellie and him are the sweetest sight when she is "training him" and he lets her hold his collar and walk him ALL over the house. He is so big and generally such a well behaved, calm dog that we forget his is still just a puppy. But we are definitely reminded when he gets jealous of Brody and has to do everything he does. Every time Brody gets a hug, Charlie needs one, every time Brody climbs on my lap, Charlie is right there attempting to fit on there too. The walking in-between our legs and stopping halfway through, nuzzling his nose in our laps and putting his paw up to us to let us know it's time to snuggle has made us laugh on the regular (and made me take time to sit and relax too). He sleeps laying across the front door entrance protecting us while we sleep and once kevin gets up for work he lays at the top of the stairs waiting for me to be up too. I love the extra love, happiness, fun, and puppy noises he has added to our large, happy, blessed family. I hope we have many many years with him! (Even if it means our neighbors will end up hating is because they can't walk past our house without him yelling at them to pet him and I am never able to clean without Charlie thinking he needs to protect us all from the big bad vacuum)
Thank you Paula Stanaway for giving us the perfect puppy for our family!
Chillin' under the pine tree~ 6 1/2 mo old
8 months
1 year old!
Stella is wonderful! She is such a sweetheart! She is big...not sure of her weight though. We take her in next week, so I'll let you know. Here are a few pics from this fall. I'll try to take a few more pics in the next few days and send them to you with her weight.

Stella loves to play. She loves being outside and playing in the snow. Macy (our 5 year old labradoodle) does not want to play as much as Stella does, so the boys make sure to step in and play with her. She is also so smart and demands your attention. If she feels like we aren't paying attention to her, she gently paws at your leg, just to remind you she is there or sets her head on your leg and gives you a "pouty face".
We have been completely thrilled with her and couldn't be happier!
I'll send you more pics and her weight in the next week or two.
We hope you enjoyed the holidays!
Its hard to believe he’s a year old already.
He was neutered on Dec 5 and all went well.
He’s a very happy go lucky puppy. Very bouncy to all!
He loves cold weather, snow and playing fetch. His fave treats are carrots.
In the summer i freeze water mixed with peanut butter and pumpkin - he has those cubes outside - sometimes in his kiddie pool!
Beneath his coat is a trim frame - he was 56 lbs at his neuter appt in Dec.
I have some videos in addition to photos -some before haircut and some after -quite the difference!