Adopted by Kris!
Adopted by
Kaden and Emeric!
Adopted by Leisha!

Penelope (Penny)!

Adopted by Tyler and Cathy!
adopted by Cindy!
Olivia, Sam and Jake!
7 weeks old!
7 weeks old!
7 weeks old!
7 weeks old!
7 weeks old!
7 weeks old!
7 weeks old!
Below are pics of our 2014 doodle pups at 7 weeks and as they grow!
We LOVE HIM! Murphy is so mild mannered. He just goes with the flow (thankfully!).
He is so funny as he seems to think he's a lap sized dog. Loves to cuddle and sit on our laps!
7 months old 
"She is freshly groomed and now weighs 54 lbs.  Wonderful girl, spoiled rotten!"

Just wanted to send a couple updated photos of Jewlz with her new haircut!!!  I miss her long hair but man this is so much easier to maintain.  She is about 60 pounds of adorable.  I hope your spring is coming along and your dogs are getting ready for a new puppy season☺
1 year old!  She is perfect.  I will send more when we get the rest of our family pictures from the photographer. I just wanted to send you an update on her birthday!
10 months old!
4 months!